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Which project will you present?

Outboard ideas

There is a constant changing line that not always exists.

It is moved day by day.

The more you’re closer, the more it becomes invisible.

My ears feel

The desperate and romantic tune of young soldiers

And behind them the youngest

With fires, wine and songs

Smelling steps of sorrow

Obey as soldiers

Not so much I’d say.

Become stronger to not succumb

in the hellish universe of the adults.

It seemed a peculiar shrill idea

The picklock that thins the collective amnesia.

This difference seemed to be lived by me.

I have not written all I would have

Of the imaginary adventure,

The reasons why I became,



Knows the world enough to dive head first in it,

Reaching another tale, the daily resistance to life

Which breathlessly tries to survive under the bush of illegality,

To a continuous slope into the prostitution of mind

To bring it to the enlightening passages of freedom.

So they departure